Second Meeting

It was so nice to be back!

We had the chance to meet new lovely #wickedwomen, female artists excited to be part of this amazing creative development course.

The purpose for the second session was to discuss some questions that Elinor and Claire challenged us to answer after the first meeting, questions about ourselves as an artist and our plans for the future, for example:

- Who you are as an artist?

- What skills do you have?

- Where would you like to be in the next: 6 months; 1-2 years; or 10 years from now?

Those questions were very important for me because they made me think about “where” I am now as an artist and what my plans are for the future. It worked as an opportunity to define my goals, decide and think about what I need to do to achieve that; create and organize a time schedule - define deadlines; make decisions about my priorities as an artist and try to contact people that can help me in every step.

It was very special to share those answers in circle, during the meeting. It was an excellent opportunity to get to know the experience and the expectations of everybody, to share some ideas, doubts, projects, and to try to find a way to support and to help each other.

The group was always very curious and incredible supportive. It’s amazing how many plans, doubts and goals we have in common.

Thanks to this amazing course, I believe that great projects are about to become real. I’m so excited!!!

Mariana Pires #wickedwomen #EqualisEqual

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